Juggernaut and reversed controls immunity

There have been a few threads on this topic, but as far as I can see, no official response from kabam. I would like to know whether juggernaut’s behavior with regard to reverses controls is intended.

His description specifies a straight immunity to reverses controls while the gem of cytorrak is active. However, he behaves as if he is only immune to reversed controls caused by mind control. His controls are still inverted by the special chaos inversion node in 6.3.6 and by nameless thanos in eop acceptance.

Compare this behavior to mr sinister or professor x, whose descriptions similarly specify reversed controls immunity and who ARE immune to the inversion by nodes like special chaos inversion. What’s even more confusing is that professor x’s description states that his immunity comes from his mastery over telepathy…

Is juggernaut behaving as intended? If so, I believe you should change his description to remove the inconsistency I’ve described.


  • JerryJiverJerryJiver Posts: 88
    I guess it was a bug, great news and glad it’s getting fixed.
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