Battlegrounds season 4 rewards

Hi there, I’m ygzsrf, in the last season (season 4) of battlegrounds, I haven’t received the awards and I finished the season 4 with diamond 2 rank, I’ve been waiting for this season to end, I thought the season 4 rewards will come with this seasons rewards.


  • Gildarts99Gildarts99 Posts: 297 ★★
    let it go man.
  • horrendous_toohorrendous_too Posts: 129 ★★
    You only get end of season rewards if you finish the victory track and do at least 1 round in the gladiator circuit. So you have to get Vibranium or the only rewards you get are the milestones for each level.
  • ygzsrfygzsrf Posts: 3
    Thanks a lot.
  • CoppinCoppin Posts: 2,081 ★★★★
    Yeah there is no ranking rewards for finishing in VT.. u push to 1 point minimum in GC or u get nothing but the moving up tier rewards (like milestones and then ranking rewards in 22hs events)
  • ygzsrfygzsrf Posts: 3
    Thanks man, I didn’t know you have to play in GC to get season rewards, now I’m diamond 1 and I can’t get rewards, thanks again.
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