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The game Bug compensation

We have been promised by alot, where that bug compensation and it's better be good I'm a paragon player and couldn't do bg, aw, aq, events!!!!! Champs bug, fight bugs, game crash, AI act strange and relic bug everywhere, what is that? Is this ganna be fixed soon or it will stay like that! At least if we can't play give us a reason to stay till u fix that

Another part we have been promised by kabam himself that black panther cw is getting buffed and yet alot of Champs get buffed before him and no word about him it has been over 6 months now since kabam said that.


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    Support this my friends so thay can see it! It's our right to get that compensation and it better be good for all what we had been through
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    ProAdityaProAditya Posts: 23
    I have also been having many problems in the game such as I am trying to block but the game doesn't register it and I just did because of that and I have to pop revives and it is costing a lot of units and units are not easy to get. Just want these of bugs to be fixed
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    ProAdityaProAditya Posts: 23
    As kabam Mike instructed
    Attacking champion-All champions that I use have this problem
    Defending champions-All champions in eq,sq,bg,incursions
    Game mode-eq,sq,bg, incursions
    Actions that occured immediately prior to the bug- i try dex sp but the game doesn't register it and I die
    My device iPhone 11

    Only way I could see to fix this was to restart the game but it then either took away the health of my champion or my champion was knocked out.

    Someone from kabam please respond to this post

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