Relics page frozen

DL864DL864 Posts: 1,089 ★★★
Anybody having issues where they go to the relic page and It starts to go through the tutorial and then freezes? Galax s21 fully updated


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    tiddytiddy Posts: 8
    I'm having that problem along with several other glitches. The relic pages locks up during the tutotial {why do we need to go through the tutotial again?}. A single champ has multiple relics attached.
    The Thronebreaker stamp card is no longer in store/featured items.
    Danger Room match freezes & doesn't recover until the app is completely closed, -50% health penalty is applied.
    Pixel 7 with up to date s.w.
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    JJJmJJJJJJmJJJ Posts: 131
    Idem on iphone 12 pro. Again stuck on the tutorial and I'm not able to do anything. I can only lose resources that are expiring because I can't even upgrade!"
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