Expelled. What do i do?

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I played 12 wars this season; after the last war, the leader expelled several players. How can we claim the prizes?
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    Submit a ticket.
    I can't promise, but I have seen support being really helpful past many months and send rewards in these situations.

    But submit the ticket only 'after' rewards are dropped for other players. So probably a wait for ~12 hours before submitting.
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    This happens every season, I honestly don't know why some alliances have such toxic leadership. If we decide we need to make changes we ALWAYS tell the person involved that after rewards have dropped they have a certain amount of time to leave of their own accord or we then kick.
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    I played 12 wars this season; after the last war, the leader expelled several players. How can we claim the prizes?

    send a ticket to kabam support. if it works out, fine. if not let it go man. it's just a game and I wonder why some people act so childish doing these kinds of stuff. pardon me, but it is just stupid. why not wait for the person to get the rewards since he contributed to it, then after you can withdraw him from your alliance. The funny thing is that these alliances will mostly be looking for people to fill spaces.
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    May not be the case. But I have seen also many players not deserving those rewards and that's the reason they get kicked. Players not entering the war, not clearing their path, not placing their defenders or contributing, those actions had a direct impact on the season placement for the alliance, affecting 29 other ppl that put the time and the effort. Leadership had to do the only thing they could do...

    I have never seen a good player been kicked out of an alliance for no reason.

  • Hey @Herbertmarcondes, as is mentioned in THIS article, you must remain in your Alliance until the Event has ended and Rewards have been distributed. If you choose to leave your Alliance or are Kicked before receiving the Rewards, you will no longer be eligible to claim them.

    If you would like to discuss this further, I recommend reaching out to our Support Team by clicking HERE.
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