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Incursions permanent hacks bugged?

VappadmasterVappadmaster Posts: 27
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I was running tier 6 incursions and noticed that in incursions side event permanent hacks now expire after 4 zones.

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  • DeremusDeremus Posts: 134 ★★
    Update messed up incursions. I wonder if they're going to fix it
  • DeremusDeremus Posts: 134 ★★
    Cool down timer is messed up too. Always wait till last minute to update. When is the last time an update was released that wasn't bugged?
  • Crow9074Crow9074 Posts: 66
    I know, it's like they should compensate us or something. Maybe give everyone who attempted at least zone 1 (after the update) all the zone 1-25 rewards. I mean at least we tried to do it legitimately... and isn't that what truly matters?
  • ZareZare Posts: 10
    How are we supposed to complete zone 6 if we've been working towards it all month saving incursion revives and health potions for a push at the end and now the permanent hacks that are supposed to make things easier are bugged and expire
  • lusoninjalusoninja Posts: 17
    This is ridiculous. I just noticed this as I get to room 8. After 8 years playing this game I should no better then to update to soon.

    I’m so sick of this company. It’s really taking a toll. I haven’t spent money on the game since last cyber weekend and at this rate I’ll quit playing before spending a dime more on this circus.

    I didn’t have time to try a room 25 push. Now when I finally have the time and commit, I’m being penalized by the inability for this company to run this game reasonably.

    Nerf revive farming and curate offers for money, that they are very proficient at.
    Truth be told the devs do come up with really cool champs on a regular base, but the rest is a BS fest.

    Sorry about the runt but this is frustrating. I’m really fed up.
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    Yes. We already did: Here.
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