Overlooked bug or working as intended?

So I had a theory today about who's best to deal with cold snap other than Mephisto, Rogue, AV, Iceman.

I was thinking King Groot since he has a 100% chance to shake off any debuff on the expanse of 1 fury and since he starts with 2 furies I figured I just found gold since I have him 5* R3, unduped though:(
So I tested him against Iceman in duels and he DOESN'T shake it off!
So I tested my duped 5* R2 AV and not only he shook off cold snap he also shook off the bleed from DE AND the permanent poison from LC!

So my question is: since cold snap clearly counts as a debuff why AV can shake it off with only 70% chance while King Groot doesn't shake it off with 100% chance???

Like the title says overlooked bug or working as intended?


  • StrategicStrategic Posts: 438 ★★
    I'd like a mod reply to this cause this seems like a big miss of a bug here!
  • AegonTAegonT Posts: 149
    It's because kg needs fury buffs on him when the debuff is applies to shrug off debuffs.

    Apparently, the way the all that stuff queues up before the fight starts it's cold snap first, then fury. Pretty sure it's not a bug, just an annoying vagary of game mechanics
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