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Gladiator Gauntlet- unable to go back

So I cleared all of the tiers and got to Gladiator. But I am unable to swipe back to the lower level tiers now. Is this how it is supposed to work? If all that is required is tier 6 for quest rewards then why can’t I go back down to tier 6? Thanks


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    JefechutaJefechuta Posts: 1,212 ★★★★
    Why would you do Tier 6 being able to do Tier 8 for better rewards?
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    MrSakuragiMrSakuragi Posts: 4,622 ★★★★★
    Jefechuta said:

    Why would you do Tier 6 being able to do Tier 8 for better rewards?

    Some people use a lot of resources to get up to gladiator and don’t want to do that all month
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    AshacekarAshacekar Posts: 1,860 ★★★★
    edited September 2023
    Yeah Gladiator closes the doors once you enter gauntlet. So once you enter, you can never go back.
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    RSoxNo1RSoxNo1 Posts: 43
    I don't see any mention in the patch notes of being unable to go back. I'm just getting back into the game and I'm definitely rusty at the higher tier levels. It looks like now I can only do 7, 8 and Gladiator. I'd love to be able to farm tier 4 or 5.
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