6.5Mil Alliance Looking for Active New Recruits!

Hey there, thanks for considering Cannon Fuse [Fuse7]! We’re an active and growing alliance who are looking for any player who wants to have fun and progress their game!

In Quest we bounce between Expert and Advanced tiers, and regularly run 44444. We’re currently in Tier 7 of War. We assign consistent battlegroups across both events so that group chemistry remains and carries over.

Donations required are 67k Gold, 5k Loyalty. In general we’d prefer any new members with over 120k rating, but we’re always willing to consider anyone for the alliance.

SA weekly, and a fun yet competitive atmosphere. DM me on Line (ryryiv) or on here if you have any questions! In your message, please include a screenshot of your Summoner Profile, and your favorite picture of Spider-Man. Hope to see some of you in our ranks soon!


  • Alpha_IndiaAlpha_India Posts: 10
    Hi mate. Please tell me which time zone you are in
  • RyRyIVRyRyIV Posts: 69
    We’re an international alliance. Some of us are from the States, some from Europe, we’ve played with players from India before... we accommodate all time zones.
  • i want to join. i am very active. I am not that good but i hope i will get better with your help. name in game is: Maaz04137252725
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