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9 VERY Casual Players Looking for Merger

We have 9 members who have ratings between 170k-560k. Some of us have completed LOL and working on completing Act 5 right now. We want to play map 3. No map 5 or 6. We are tired to of the grinding. We were playing map 6 weekly for over a year and got tired of it. We like AW so 2 BG wars or even 3 would be great. Getting SA rewards weekly or biweekly would be wonderful.

Contact me,
In-Game: MiamiHeat
Line ID: miamiheatcoc2


  • We are looking for a small group like yours. You can even run your own bg if you'd like. Aq, aw focused. We are a chill group yet active. We get sa rewards weekly, no holding.
  • Game id: RamBros
    Line id: rambros22
  • Vwp1962Vwp1962 Posts: 39
    Sent you a friend request, no holding we run map 4 and do aw, check us out
  • Did this merger happen? What time zones?
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