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Intercepting Thanos

What's up with the intercept on Thanos in Raid? Can't claim to be the best interceptor but man he seems to ignore it every time. Anyone else thinks it feels different?


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    Marvelfan30Marvelfan30 Posts: 1,171 ★★★★
    Yes he is such a pain
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    Trek26Trek26 Posts: 202 ★★
    Taking a block hit when he has some pierce is the real slap in the face
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    GasHaulerGasHauler Posts: 175
    The AI for Thanos is verrrry unpredictable. I never really quite know when to actually try and dash in at him, he either dashes backward or will stop and block, or gets “twitchy” and psyches me out and ever so slightly dashes and intercepts me first. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    ShuGokisShuGokis Posts: 461 ★★★
    Wish I could give you some advice but for me its awkward, Thanos is our last boss we have to take down meaning he is gaining all 3 of those buffs so blocking a hit is just awful when that challenge comes around.

    The intercepting is on and off for me. If i go in thinking about it knowing I have to look at the top and see when to intercept it just doesn't happen no matter how hard I try to intercept but if im playing the fight normally once i get my charges built up I end up somehow intercepting him almost every time..

    If I had to suggest something I would try bait his special 1 and see if you can get him to rush you after that try intercepting.
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    iDestroyerZiDestroyerZ Posts: 722 ★★★★
    And it's probably intentional, the same way shocker's AI is normal until he has 50+ charges, after that he becomes way too annoying to land an intercept
    I wouldn't be surprised if they programmed his AI to be more resistent to intercept
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    LpooLpoo Posts: 2,215 ★★★★★
    I also couldn’t register a dex to save my life. Seemed like normal timing but wasn’t working
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    PT_99PT_99 Posts: 3,280 ★★★★★
    edited January 20
    I've been saying this from 2 days now, Thanos AI in raids will just outright cancel your light intercept with his own medium dash.

    It's baffling how it's 95% times that he will do it. I've tested it on all EQ maps and none of the defenders there can do that. It's just this specific Thanos, his medium dash reach is too fast and too long.

    Is he contender for 8.4 boss?
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    Barney_StinsonBarney_Stinson Posts: 12
    So, why does this count as intercept for absorbing man's abilities but not as thanos mission of intercept?

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    RockyshockyRockyshocky Posts: 105 ★★

    So, why does this count as intercept for absorbing man's abilities but not as thanos mission of intercept?


    Because absorbing man isnt looking specifically for an intercept. Absman will pause his forms & apply the vulnerability when he *interrupts* the opponents attack. While that does include an intercept, it also including hitting them in the middle of a combo (as seen in that video), at the end of their combo, or during/punishing a heavy.
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