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Each champ gets custom challenges to help players learn their kits

Most games that have a lot of playable characters seems to have the same problem being that there are too many characters to remember what they do and how to fight them.
New/Returning players can get easily overwhelmed by having to learn the kits of 258 different champs.
Let's pretend that Aegon is gonna be the first champ to get this treatment

Suggestion Basics:
1.Each champ gets 4 sets of challenges designed around the champions kits to help players learn their Kits or situations they can be used in
-1st set of challenges will be about using certain attacks like specials or heavy attacks or debuffs to end the fight or blocking/dexing like we see every now and then from event objectives
- 2nd set of challenges will more focused around utilizing the champs kit and that are relatively easy but get the player to think about how to achieve or going after duel targets
- on Aegon one these could be "finish a fight with
100 hits in the combat meter" or "build up 500
hits in his persistent charges"
- 3rd set of challenges will be based on fighting this champ as an opponent to get a general idea of how to counter them
- could have a challenge to "nullify Aegon's fury
buffs" Aegon just really isn't a great defender,
shame on any who uses him as such
-4th set of challenges are supposed to be difficult enough to give end game players a challenge but easy enough that new players can go "YEH BOI, I can do that EZ, LETS GOOO!!!" and then get crushed. Or just take a while to complete
-with Aegon this would be "Reach 999 hits in the combo meter in a single fight" or just "Win 500 fights using Aegon" I don't play aegon that much so idk how hard this would be to do

2. It shouldn't matter what star rating the champ is, if a challenge is to win 100 fights then using a 5* Aegon to win 60 of those fights and then using a 6* version to win the remaining 40 should complete the challenge

3. Signature abilities and synergies could be required to complete certain challenges but hopefully not masteries

1.The rewards could either be on a milestone system where completing X Sets of challenges will give a reward OR completing all sets of challenges on a champ will give them a reward
- Crystals to help get new champs to do the challenges with
- Rank up materials / Class Iso
- Titles / profile pics
- Extra mastery points
- Flat out putting mastery points into very basic masteries like the Strength/vitality masteries. This
would free up a couple mastery points while also giving a bit of a stat boost like ascension
-Special Mastery points for Special Masteries
- A 2nd signature ability, something not as good as their main Sig ability like slightly ability accuracy
or letting champs that have to build up to be good being able to build it up faster
- On Aegon his 2nd sig could be "every hit counts twice/x2 for his combo meter"

2.Maybe add in a reset button to let returning players reset the challenges with reduced rewards like ISO/gold on already completed challenges
-if the reset button is a thing prolly limit the number of uses to once every 1 to 5 months
Reasons to do this:
- Help players learn the kits of champions
- I don't really have a decent idea as to what champs do unless I'm having massive problems
fighting them or they're one of my main champs. My main champs are either my first champs in
that star rating or ones that I'm told are "OP".
- I think it would be fun learning the kits of each champ but most players, me included, needs reason to do so
- it could give end game players more to do
- it could give new/returning players an easier to get back into the game and to BUY crystals to get champs they don't have

Ultimately the Devs get the final say as to if and what this would be like if they want in the game, and if they do try to implement it they would prolly only get around to doing 2 to 5 champs per update but it would be better to start Astc before they get to 300 champs.

Each champ gets custom challenges to help players learn their kits 26 votes

I Wanna see something like this in game
53% 14 votes
19% 5 votes
Something similar to this
26% 7 votes
No Opinion, doesn't affect me either way
0% 0 votes


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    captain_rogerscaptain_rogers Posts: 5,276 ★★★★★
    My suggestion is, if they make the challenge extremely tough, like similar to starlord lol challenge, they can guarantee a 6* version of the champ, maybe, as a reward.
    If the difficulty is mid, they can offer generic rewards or more signature ability for the said champ, like in this case aegon.
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    AshacekarAshacekar Posts: 1,841 ★★★★
    Extend practice mode to unowned roster and add modifiers for us to select like linfinite health and stuff. Then we can practice specials and abilities.
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    RanickRanick Posts: 16
    edited January 24
    Personally I find it difficult to get into games with tons of characters. I would much rather play the game than spend hours on end watching videos or reading how to use them, but when u have to worry about being being punished for not staying still or blocking or attacking it just dissuades me.
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    laserjohn26laserjohn26 Posts: 1,527 ★★★★★
    Yeah I remember when they were going to rank champs in a few attributes out of 5. They did like 16 before they gave up and if I recall they had such winners as Hercules damage was only 3 out of 5. Meanwhile kt1 could do the rankings of every champ in the game in 20 minutes and they struggled to do 2 a month.
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    0_Alph40_Alph4 Posts: 103
    Honestly if kabam just gave us an actual training mode with a bot with infinite health that you can adjust aggressiveness / passiveness.

    But for know I guess their contempt with winter soldier genocide
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    Guest7139Guest7139 Posts: 13

    I voted yes for this but the sheer scale of it would mean it doesn't happen for a very long time.

    They could start with champs that have the most confusing kits.
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    FrostGiantLordFrostGiantLord Posts: 1,798 ★★★★
    I would like to see this in the game. However, it would be extremely difficult to implement due to the sheer amount of champions added to the game. It would take years to complete with the current champ pool, and with new champs being added every month, it would be almost impossible to update the challenges regularly. With Kabam currently having so much on their plate with making new everest content, give newer players things to do, not to mention fixing all the bugs and banning the modders, I doubt that Kabam would find this feature to be worth adding to the game.
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