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McoC - 1 Champ per week - Ep.6 - Ægon

peixemacacopeixemacaco Posts: 1,580 ★★★
edited March 4 in General Discussion

Ægon the Champion of the very first Contest of Champions, millions of years ago!

Aegon proud owners that completed Necropolis, share your rotation and synergies...

This series is a collab research that you can share into this topic, so, it's not my topic, but it's a community insight

Let's talk about this champ secrets, sinergies, best relics.

Aunt mai info

And let's vote for the next one
1 - Mephisto🟣
2 - Sunspot🟡
3 - Hercules🌐
4 - Titania🟢
5 - Viv Vision🔵

1 Class per week, so we wont repeat Skill...
Suggestions to improve are welcome 😊
Thanks to @Nameless_Hero ,this time is Aegon!!!

Ps: You still can choose another other hero, but only from the remaining classes, but skill.


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    peixemacacopeixemacaco Posts: 1,580 ★★★
    Here a rotation video for Aegon.

    Insane. He defeated Red Guardian with 999.999 in minutes.

    Share yours 👍

    Thanks to @Nameless_monster ,this time is Aegon!!!
    My bad I'd mistaken his username 😂

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    captain_rogerscaptain_rogers Posts: 5,354 ★★★★★
    I did a couple of solos with aegon as well, but never rushed like this in a fight lmao.
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    G-Hun-GearG-Hun-Gear Posts: 1,447 ★★★★
    Could have been even crazier if he had a relic equipped... :)
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    peixemacacopeixemacaco Posts: 1,580 ★★★
    Just found this rotation that may be useful to everyone= MLLLM, L3, MLLLM, MLLLM, MM, MLLLM, Relic stun, MLLLM and then L2. AI can get VERY PASSIVE at times if they have an L3 when cornered and you can do a ton of damage even if they’re not stunned.

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    Nameless_monsterNameless_monster Posts: 25
    edited March 6
    my glorious king
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    peixemacacopeixemacaco Posts: 1,580 ★★★

    my glorious king

    Please share something with us!

    Which relic is better with Aegon?
    And synergies?
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