Phoenix incinirates stacks

Hello, i am Russian player and I have a 5 Phoenix 2/35 in her description it's says
One stack of furie increases your attack by 111.38.

If you have 5 furies or more.
"All attacks have a 100% chance to incinirate the enemy, causing him 82.5% of the energy damage in 6 seconds."

But it's not good detailed, 82.5% for what ? of her crits ? of her base attack rating ?
Her base attack is: 825
with my masteries: 1151

And how to calculate her incinirate damage ? 1 stack doing 82.5% damage in 6 seconds but how much is ?

For exemple i have a 5* Hyperion same rank 2/35 and in his description says: " This attacks incinirates the enemy causing him 904.8 energy damage in 10 seconds" it's simple to understand.

And why phoenix incinirates damage so low ? with 2 phoenix charges and 8 furies and 12-14 incinirates stacks its only dealing like 17 - 20 - 35 or 52 damage per tick. It's a bug ? My 5* Hyperion 2/35 with 0 furies, 3 stacks of incinirates dealing 66 damage per tick.

Can anyone who says exactly how the incinirates damage works of Phoenix? Thank's


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