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iPhone Front Camera

i13i13 Posts: 89
No idea of it’s just me or not, I’m using an IPhone 15 to play champions, and I always seem to have to play with my phone pointing right.

Every now and then I’ll make the mistake of pointing it left, I have no idea if it’s to do with the camera placement being over the game or not.

When I do, my Parry’s seem to miss a lot, it misses swipes both dash medium and dex.

Anyone else have this issue? If so is it possible to remove the camera bar out of the way?


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    ErrangErrang Posts: 75
    Yea, you’re prolly tapping the camera and that doesn’t register as a block.

    I always play with the camera to the right.
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    i13i13 Posts: 89
    Just gotta figure out if it’s an option iPhone needs to have to remove it, or an option in the game to remove it. Would be handy.
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