Need an alliance

I need an alliance. 5600+ prestige, 1 pending 5* to R4 and 1pending 5* to max out. I used to be in top tier ally that place within top 50in AQ and tier 1 in AW. Im experienced in map 6 and im familiar also in ally with diff timezones. I used to be play in ally with diff members from all over the place .


  • Leave me your ign or alliiance name and i will hit you up. No bs or whatsoever as i sont want to waste your time and my time.
  • The total PI is 670K with some champs that i still havent got around to level up or upgrade.
  • Snz114Snz114 Posts: 11
    Ign sunnzy. Summoners forge
  • Mikeg12790Mikeg12790 Posts: 64
    Mikeg12790 hmu
  • BullybreedBullybreed Posts: 16
    Ign miok. Tag ban
  • whaler213whaler213 Posts: 151
    if you havent found something hit me up whaler213 on line alliance tag is sua
  • IGN: geylangmoghul
    Line ID: gmmcoc
  • polverine15polverine15 Posts: 154
    IGN- polverine15
    Alliance- Return to the Jungle
  • Kaycg1Kaycg1 Posts: 117
    IGN: kaycg1

    We are a solid crew, no bs. Not sure if your still looking but hit me up and we can chat.
    Also have line app, same as ign.
    We run map 6 once a week and rank top 200.
    Tiers 1-2 for war.
    We are a global alliance so we can fit you in with a timezone that works best for all
  • IGN: Mangas50
    Aly: HesIn
  • hi
  • need an alliance my in-game name is Manav Preet you guys can see the profile
  • Your definitely whatvwere looking for. Add me at apollyn21 on line or in game. Hope you check us out we have one spot available too and it can be yours. Come join our family!!!
  • RhnRhn Posts: 7
    We are 13m ally with a orestige of 5400 and tier 2 in war and top 200 in aq.. Ign Sinstalker_x, line id: beerus22
  • BigNateDeezyBigNateDeezy Posts: 52
    edited January 2018
    IMBUE, ingame name is BigNateDeezy - hit me up if you're still looking for an organised alliance that could use someone with your experience
    Line ID - BigNateDeezy
  • If you are interested we are a 10.6 mil ally. Very fun people and very tight knit. Sometimes keeping the game fun is more important than being in a higher rated crew. We run mostly map 5x5 but we are incorporating map 6 now and could use someone with map 6 experience.

    Add me in game if interested "Next Caliber"
  • If you still haven’t found a new home, contact me via line. My alliance is a relaxed but competitive 16M ally.
    Line Id : aryiana
  • Goody505Goody505 Posts: 16
  • Shanetwo1Shanetwo1 Posts: 136
    Shanetwo1 - 13mil alliance, run map 5 only for top400 t2 AW.
  • Doomsfist79Doomsfist79 Posts: 281 ★★
    Hi, we are looking for 1 more.. I've added a poster with our info and pic of most recent AQ placement.. contact me on line at solarflare79 if interested.0hdchgnzxjiw.jpg
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