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Luke Cage and Red Hulk Improvements

Their Specials and combos could be Improved to cause more damage.


  • Both Luke Cage and Red Hulk have very predictable move scenarios. However there Hero Rating is vastly different, so thinking outside the box is key in my opinion. Add greater synergy abilities, change Luke from only physical to having better buffs, likewise with Red Hulk because off paper their very similar.
  • BiggieBiggie Posts: 9
    Tru That
  • DinvernoDinverno Posts: 4
    There both under powered. With Red it could be more effective to be more like Green Hulk. When he takes on damage a meter could tally up to a certain amount. Once that number is reached for a certain amount of time each single hit in a combo can stack incinerate. With Cage his base atk should be much higher. Make his movements quicker and less predictable. He could also stack physical resistance immediately after his invulnerable wears off that the attacker has to whittle down with each successful combo like with HB's armor stack.
  • DinvernoDinverno Posts: 4
    Red hulk should definitely immune to incinerate, and cage could be immune to degenerate since no one on mcoc that I know of is thus far.
  • dkatryldkatryl Posts: 672 ★★★
    Red Hulk should be immune to incinerate, and in addition to the direct damage on hit from his heat charges, they should also have a stacking aura effect that does damage like Mephisto.
  • Hlpr35Hlpr35 Posts: 119
    edited January 2018
    Red hulk must be immune to incinerate and gain extra attack power per heat charges. Luke Cage must be immune to degenerate and Curse and also need very very Good attack power improvements ıdk what can be maybe gain critic per exhausting or something better he must be have way too much more attack power his attack power Just pathetic now
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