The Collector's Special Attack 1 Can Be Evaded Without Using Evade Champs

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Unless Kabam made changes to The Collector in The Age of Sentry event quest, The Collector's sp1 can be evaded without using champs like Daredevil OG, Nightcrawler, Stark Spidey, etc. I managed to evade The Collector's sp1 with Dr. Voodoo by accident while exploring the Sentry event quest on Uncollected, and though I wasn't able to evade both parts of his sp1 on video before I finished exploring 1.2, I did manage to evade all hits of both parts of The Collector's sp1.

The first half can be evaded by backing up just before the first of the two wave projectiles hit. I don't remember the specific timing for evading the laser projectile that follows the first to wave projectiles, I evaded all of its hits by accident and haven't been able to reproduce the correct timing (same goes for War Machine's sp1).

This information would have been incredibly useful for Act 5.2.6 Exploration, and I'm guessing no one has posted anything about this because 5.2.6 drained units and items to the point that no one cared about evading The Collector's sps. In case my mind played tricks on me and I didn't manage to evade the second part of The Collector's sp1, only the first hit of sps needs to be evaded to avoid getting hit by unblockable sp node effects, the rest can be blocked.


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    I fought him uncollected difficulty (fully explored). He is not the same collector. Did not revive at all while I always had to revive on the 5.2 collector.
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    Talent Squad?
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    Haji_Saab wrote: »
    "same goes for War Machine's sp1"

    I evaded his sp1 by accident as well ... don't know the actual timing

    Same here. When I did LoL easy path a few months ago I did it and was too worried I’d lose my combo if I tried to do it again
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