4.5 mil Alliance looking for communicators

4.5 mil Alliance looking for solid players. We are reorganising the Alliance structure and need members who communicate.

Please add Bureaucraat123 (both line and ingame) if you are interested.

- line communication is a must,
- We play AQ 32222,
- AW 2 a week,
- Weekly SA,
- No donations required,
- Minimal contribution for Alliance events.

We are building up a decent team with solid members and we are still growing. We are always open for players input.

New players walk trough a screening of Mastery’s and fighting skills. We see a lot of players who don’t pay mutch attantion to them. If yours are fine No problem if you like a second opinion we help.

Most important, playing must be fun 👍 eg77x98cbbhb.png


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