Active 6.8M Alliance Looking For Two Members

My alliance "[xPDx] Above All Odds We Rise Again!" is looking for two players to join us. We have one spot open immediately and another opening after SA. We are active and like clearing maps without the stress of grinding for required donations and are looking for similar minded folks. For AW we run three assigned BG and bounce between Tiers 4-10.

For AQ we have no assignments and focus on having two active BG (meaning you can take a day off if needed). We typically run AQ maps 53333 or 43433, so there is a required donation of 15k gold, 5k battle chips, and 2.5k loyalty every week (We get more than this from AQ, so no extra grinding required). We are in the Advanced Tier for AQ and average 1100 glory per AQ.

We rank in SA every week (no holding) and hit rank rewards in item use/completion 90% of the time.

An ideal member shows up for AW/AQ and reads chat to know what everyone is planning. No need to have boss killers but being able to handle a Map 3 lane solo is a good minimum standard. Being active/reliable and liking to play the game is the main quality we are looking for.

If you are interested my Line and IGN name is "seanjohn7944"


  • i want to to join. i am not that good but i am very active and looking for a good alliance who will help me grow. i will participate in all events and do my best. my line ID is spiderman0413
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