Another „first run in LOL“ thread

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Hey Folks...

I know this has been addressed multiple times, but maybe you can still help me out here... :)

I have recently brought my Star-Lord up to 5/65 and I thought to myself, why not give LoL a shot? This would also allow me to have 3 tries at Blade, when his featured crystal returns, instead of just 2...

So this is the team I have available:

5/65 Star-Lord, Sig 50
4/55 Guillotine, Sig 100
4/55 Psylocke, Sig 40
4/55 Drax, Sig 60

So obviously, I bring Star-Lord... But who is my wing-man? I thought Drax would be good to bring for Maestro, since cosmics seem to have the least annoying disadvantage agains him...

On the other hand: Psylocke would be nice to have agains Champs, where power control is key (Magik, UCol, WM, Falcon and even Maestro...) BUT: Her Damage output is not the greatest...

Another thought: If I bring Psylocke instead of Drax, I could remove 4 points from Deep Wounds and invest elsewhere...

Unfortunately I cannot bring both, since I need 3 attack synergies to have the extended enrage timer for the 4/55 champ that I bring with me (I would bring YJ/YJ/Antman)

Who of the two would you bring as wingman, and why?

On a side note: I think that Star-Lords Sig Ability scales with boosts, so using boosts will have its benefits... BUT: Does it also scale with masteries? So does glass cannon for example, bring any benefits for Star-Lord?

Thank you all!


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    Al2QAl2Q Posts: 66
    Lots of questions but one simple answer.... Star Lord will be enough for all of LOL, especially at rank 5 :)
    And it seems that the masteries don't make any difference to the ability. You can check in the champion info, it clearly shows that the mastery based increase like glass canon only adds the attack rating separately and is fixed.
    Correct me if I am wrong pls :P
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    Superman69Superman69 Posts: 534 ★★★
    Bring in Drax. He'll be a great option for Maestro. If you bring in the GotG team, your SL will have infinite parries available though. But only SL will get the longer enrage timer.

    About the fights. I solo'ed Magik and Falcon with a 4/55 SL so don't worry much.

    Against Falcon, heal up to full and when he gets over L1 just hold block, bait heavies and punish him and get him to his L2. When you're at full health don't hesitate taking a few blocked hits.

    Against magik, again heal up to full. I used boosts here too. Max pacify ( whatever that mastery is that reduces abilities when stunned) and always stun her before getting her over a bar of power.

    UC was a pain for me. But that was all on me. I tried to intercept a lot after his specials and got rekt.
    WM, well he sucks because you can't attack after specials. Just bait heavies or normal intercepts.

    Here's my first path experience if you want to read about it :

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    PalanthraxPalanthrax Posts: 918 ★★★★
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    Good advice. Worth saying that if you evade WM’s SP2 at close range, you can snap back in and land an attack, same as with Doc Strange’s SP1.
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    G-Hun-GearG-Hun-Gear Posts: 1,447 ★★★★
    Thanks guys for all your helpful feedback... Will considre this as I am going forward... :)
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