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**Arcade is being extra tricky with his Murder Box...**
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looking for a active alliance

if your alliance prestige is around the 4600 and you play map 55533 do events duels completions items use and need a active player im looking for that alliance my prestige is over 4700 im very active and have line contact me on line app id imalwaysreal


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    Did you find a spot yet? Your Line ID isn't working for me. Contact Canuck33 on line app or in game we may have a good spot for you
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    OwGssOwGss Posts: 82
    interested contact me on line owgsilentscope
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    If you are still looking. Line farhan13700
    9M AW tier 2
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    ereno44ereno44 Posts: 98
    Join mine
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    Yep , ur line id is not right

    imalwaysreal doesnt exist

    Which is ur time zone?

    We are 7 Mill Active Alliance We run 55554

    Win 80% Wars

    We have a spot for 1 USA player (or gmt -4 to -7) In game im also Javiii2010 (my son began this game. Hehe).

    If u are interested and match timezone add me as friend in game and we talk. In Line im also Javiii2010.
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    OzzieontOzzieont Posts: 237
    Really it doesnt exist ??oj9totp7ffft.jpg
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    WindbreakWindbreak Posts: 30
    lol yeah - says user not found - no idea - message me windbreaker1976
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    WindbreakWindbreak Posts: 30
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    you haven't selected the option to allow other to add you by ID there.
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    IndridColdIndridCold Posts: 41
    Allow others to add me by line ID [X]

    Gotta check that box so ppl can find you.
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    ChrisOczChrisOcz Posts: 63
    Hey mate! Did you find an alliance yet? You can contact me in game ChrisOcz if interested.
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