Looking For a Alliance

Im a Highschool student that has school for 8-3. I play champs on my free time. I was kicked from my ALLIANCE beacuse i was in school and did not join AQ. I'm wanting a alliance that is ok with my schedule. Do war and Aq. Hit all milestones. Are very active and look to better each other not bring each other down. Im a big fan of being told what to do if its coming form some one who has the experience and knowledge. Please feel free to message me on line at spiderpig61


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    ereno44ereno44 Posts: 98
    Join mine
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    I have a alliance that fits everything you stated but it is very new and looking to grow with the players.
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    Drake_vampielDrake_vampiel Posts: 15
    I sent you an invite, my alliance is mostly folks who have lives outside the game
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