LOOKING FOR EXTREMLY ACTIVE, LINE, AQ FOCUSED ALLIANCE. I will be in every AQ, AW. I just started this account less than 3 months ago and am growing very fast. I have 5 5*s and like 28 4*s (10 God tier). I'm very skilled and can contribute in AQ. I just can't do much in war, but once I can rank up some of my champs i can help more for AW. ( aq rewards are way better anyway)


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    BrradburyBrradbury Posts: 62
    Hey hit me up on line, ID is brradbury
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    Hardclaw82Hardclaw82 Posts: 86
    Are u able to do map 5*5?
    If so, check out my alliance
    Id is hardclaw82
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    BrradburyBrradbury Posts: 62
    Lmao. It’s clearly an ad for recruitment, not looking...
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    BrradburyBrradbury Posts: 62
    Oh shiz wrong one...
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    Scoobers40Scoobers40 Posts: 100
    Hit me up on Line. Scoobers40 You'll like my alliance.
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    ereno44ereno44 Posts: 98
    Join mine
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    Check our Alliance. My game ID is ZINGOORIA
    We are in tier 3-6 in War
    Map 4 AQ all 5 days
    Alliance name TOGZ (thunder of God Zeus)
    Add me in game to get more info, I will share my line ID
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    VindixVindix Posts: 41
    add me in Line Vindix77
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    Looking for an European dude who likes AQ stuff?

    I'm currently level 40. Rating is almost 44k(I know it's low but I'm working on it).
    I'm looking to progress big time because I joined some random alliance that doesn't do anything.
    Their own leader left the alliance

    Currently I've got following top 5 champs:

    P.S. None of them are duped.

    4* Blade R3 & Level 30
    4* Ultron R3 & Level 24
    4* Ghost Rider R3 & Level 10
    4* Hyperion R3 & Level 7
    5* Hyperion R1 & Level 11

    I'm looking to do AW&AQ, and I'm not sure what map I can do with these.
    I'm active in the game and willing to use LINE app.
    I'm also looking for long-term alliance, which means I don't hop from one to another, no point in that.

    If you want someone like this, let me know here or add me on LINE app.
    Username: iCyanideKillPill. IG is the same but without one L, couldn't fit that one L lol.
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