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Need 4-6 playas for our 9.5 mill alliance! Let’s talk!

This is what we are looking for...

AQ: Run Map 5X5

Donations are required:
Duels: 650 min
Completion: 16500
SA: no hold--we avg 3.5-4K a week when we are 30 strong...

AW: We run 1/2 groups 2/3 times a week and play to win using potions/revives-if it looks like a money pit-then we will just do the best we can-we float between tier 2/3

We communicate via line and if you don't like to talk tactics in AQ/AW chats then this isn't the place for you. At the end of the day-we are adults with lives outside of the game but want to continue to grow....


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