The last two days if I understand correctly there have been people that have been having problems logging in and connecting. I have been fortunate to not have had that problem. However, throughout playing All Phases of the game the lag in the game has been more of a determination of what happens in the fight then my skill or anything else. I finally had enough tonight when I'm playing in the quest and it's Dave for 5 I'm not sure right now. But two of the fights it did not matter the skill I had because the lag completely determined what happened in that fight many times I tried to execute my special and it did not fire off at all near the time because of the lag the blocks were off the punches thrown everything was completely off because of the lag. I do not have the skill that some players have so whenever a situation like this lag comes up it greatly diminishes my chances of winning a fight. I have worked hard I get into where I am at and also spent money to get where I am at and am very disappointed in the fact that this has been allowed to continue going on. I am a reasonable person so I understand if one day of it happens and then they fix it, however that is not how it is being handled the lag if anything has become worse today than it was yesterday. While I know that many times in the alliance Quest and the alliance Wars I will have to use potions and revives it is not fair gameplay whenever I am having to use them due to the fact that the lag is determining what happens in the game. I have other games on my phone that I have tried playing to see if it is my connection or if it's my phone and none of my other games including a pinball game are affected at all. I use the reference of the pinball game because the amount of actions that are occurring on screen and in game. So if the amount of information that is flowing through during the game of pinball is not affected by my connection or by my phone and I have no choice but to accept the fact that the lag is on Kabam or whoever is running contest of Champions at this time side. I am not one to ask for anything free I believe I have paid for potions or for revives in the past because of my lack of skill however at this time and in this instance the fact of me having to use potions and revives is not due to the lack of skill that I have but due to the game itself not operating correctly. As a paying customer I would expect something to be done about this matter I understand that you'll have many things on your plates but I do understand that y'all are making a lot of money and if y'all wanted to continue making that money you should put out the best product possible. I thank you for your time and attention to this matter and look forward to something being done about it thank you again and have a wonderful day.


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