Luke Cage Science AG worthy?

I have a 4* science AG and want to use it. Only science I have unawakened are LC, rhino, Abomination, classic spidey. I have a 5* classic spidey so I don't want to use it on my 4*. I also don't have quake and would use it on her, but more than likely I won't pull her soon. Nor do I want to wait for a modok or void. With LC new buff, is he worth it?


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    It’s kind of nice to have a champ where you can push your opponent to an L3 and it does ZERO damage to you... especially on power gain nodes.

    If you’re just tired of it laying around, why not... LC is a total badass now.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 24,576 ★★★★★
    It's up to you. Personally I'd save it because Cage is a common roll in the Crystal, and Gems are rare. However, his Sig is useful, so I wouldn't judge. Personally I say if you want to use something and you can live with the use of Resources, then go for it.
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    Use 4* awakenings if it will help you improve your roster for now. 4* are pretty old news. I’m finding they just arent standing up to the latest content as they used to. Hold onto the AG for too long and it will be useless because your are past needing it.

    Plus LC and hulk are about the only 2 4* in the basic pool id use it on. So either use it or wait for mordo/void/Glad hulk to be added.
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    I would use it. People love power control champs and if u ask me he’s the best power control champ. He make full power go to zero power and take no dmg. I would call that power control. He can easily out dmg most champs in the game. Quake doesn’t need to be awakened and neither does modok really need to be awakened. Both sigs have to do with blocking. U won’t be disappointed using it on LC. I had his 4* rank 5 before the upgrade and used him for that reason and also for his bleed immune
  • Spot this a few moments ago

  • why didn't Hyperion gain power after Luke's special attack 3?
  • iv1y3gskmirg.png
    Chinalord wrote: »
    why didn't Hyperion gain power after Luke's special attack 3?

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    Chinalord wrote: »
    why didn't Hyperion gain power after Luke's special attack 3?

    His exhaustion/fatigue debuff lowers power gain. Stack enough, and they gain 0 power, negating Hyperion's main advantage.

    Additionally, his attack power is greatly increased while they are debuffed, so you get twice the benefit.
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    He is now. Indestructible refreshes overtime now. Push your opponent to their L3. Make sure Indistructible will proc. Watch as your opponent’s L3 does literally nothing. Rinse repeat
  • Wait for modok or gladiator hulk bro, use it on them . Both are great defenders also. U can pull them along with option of void these days in crystals. Use some units to find them. Otherwise u can use it on luke cage his awakening ability has increased at lesst 10 times from previous one. I have dupe luke cage and thatswhy i have experienced it. U can use to debuffs also and he is a genuine mystic killer
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    Honestly, I would. Since you don't want to wait and he's better now, it'd be a good choice.
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    I had the same dilemma. I saved it for Glad Hulk. Before the arena started I landed another LC and he was dupedautomatically, he Rocks! Knowing what I know now I would use it. But On the other hand glad I saved it, Duped Gladiator hulk is sweet too😸👍
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