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Inconsistencies with node abilities and champ abilities e.g. x23 -> bleed immune

So mordo can block Unblockable attacks unless the attacks are Unblockable. X23 gains cruelty against bleed immune nodes unless the opponent is Immune to Bleed.

Why do we have such blatant evasion of champion abilities in the name of making the game harder? Mordo says he can block unblockable attacks after .5 seconds so why can he not block Unblockable Finale node attacks?

Why does x23 not generate cruelty stacks against nodes that are Immune to Bleed?

I would appreciate less vagueness in the application of champ abilities and for that matter some more clarification on what can be affected by ability accuracy reduction.

RTL was the first place I learned that node abilities can be bypassed by ability accuracy reduction but that has not been the case with a great many node abilities that have been introduced since then.

How about some consistency?


  • neeksbneeksb Posts: 24
    X23 gains cruelty against naturally bleed immune champs. If they are immune to bleed because of a node then she wont gain cruelty buffs
  • Kenny292Kenny292 Posts: 536 ★★
    What neeks said, it specifically says "naturally" bleed immune for x-23, so that doesn't apply to nodes. As for Mordo, his ability says unblockable "special" attacks, not all unblockable attacks.
  • CFreeCFree Posts: 491 ★★
    Nice clear and logical responses. I love it.
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