5* Elektra r4 worthy?

TeezezTeezez Posts: 24
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I finally have enough cats to get a 5* to r4. Would Elektra be worth using them on?

Other high champs:
3/45 duped hulk
5/50 AA, iceman, starlord, magik
4/40 Angela, ghost rider, quake, vision AoU

No GP or Blade :/

I am uncollected so am trying to finish RTTL and 5.3-4


  • I'd pefer hulk.
  • TeezezTeezez Posts: 24
    I will definitely do him later (I have enough t2a, just need the science CC). I’m more concerned with will taking Elektra to r4 be worth my skill CC.
  • TeezezTeezez Posts: 24
    Thanks. I might hold off a little to see how I fare in uncollected next month. I’ve always really liked using her but am unsure how much use she will provide me in the end game stuff that I’m approaching
  • hankenarhankenar Posts: 32
    I also r4'd mine to use at act 5 ch 4 but i really liked her. At her assassins range she hits like a truck, at map5 she can beat rhino and mordo any day and she helps my star-lord at lol. Other than these the ability accuracy reduction might come in handy, so i would say go for it.
  • King_L0kiB34rKing_L0kiB34r Posts: 202
    I am using mine on the Jordan quest. she is ripping through the last chapter.
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,237 ★★★★
    Yes she’s definitely worth it. But duped Hulk is aswell. I’d say Hulk first and then Elektra
  • GillidafGillidaf Posts: 81
    I have a 5*Electra I want to r3 but need 1 skill cat. Some think I should wait to r5 4*Hyperion
    What you think
  • My_SuperiorMy_Superior Posts: 1,708 ★★★★
    Max Power Gain Synergy with 6-star Daredevil.
  • AliabAliab Posts: 138
    I would hold off for now. Quake and AA can help you through rttl much better
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