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Lag and Connectivity Issues.

Hi, I am writing here because I'm sick n tired of the amount of lag and connectivity issues a lot of people are facing including me and my alliance members and it seems nothing is being done about it. You introduce new content, new AW seasons but what's the point when the game lags in the middle of a fight and you end up losing or waste a bunch of resources for no reason. Time is coming for a major boycott soon. The worst part is the stupid Bot replies to emails. Something really needs to be done about this problem.


  • Minkl3Minkl3 Posts: 129
  • kabam do something about this
  • SpinoSpino Posts: 241
    I've just fought one QA fight, I had the connectivity message on every single loading screen, and now I'm stuck out of the game.
  • Minkl3Minkl3 Posts: 129
    This is all in the past 20 minutes! My alliance members have lost their connections in the middle of AQ fights, probably half health, god damn horrible.
  • joke1004joke1004 Posts: 258 ★★★
    No connection to the game, while I am able to post on the forums ...
    It’s NOT my connection, Kabam!
  • ch4rnch4rn Posts: 275 ★★
    Yep same! Lost half of the health on a 6* champ in AQ because of this.

    Of course, we all know that nothing will be to compensate the health lost to champs.
  • Просим устранить проблему, играть совершенно не возможно. На заданиях союза зависает, на арене серию бьешь по 5-10 минут. Это просто ужас. А еще все ограничено по времени!!!
  • Minkl3Minkl3 Posts: 129
    I don't understand why these youtube content creators never bring these issues.
  • FoosnaggleFoosnaggle Posts: 20
    edited February 2018
    Same thing here connection notification on every loading screen and now I can't log in. Going to end up losing all my buffs in the black panther daily quest because of this. On the last fight of expert, no less. @Kabam Miike Got any response to this obvious issue going on?
  • Gladiator09Gladiator09 Posts: 287 ★★
    Can servers crash already 🤦‍♂️
  • FoosnaggleFoosnaggle Posts: 20
    And now it's downmjjt192ehucb.jpg
  • I was at a 160 combo streak in LOL fighting bpcw and the game took a **** on me! I am nearing an eternal HATE for kabam
  • BiggusOmegaBiggusOmega Posts: 43
    It's disgraceful the amount of emergency maintenance and connectivity issues we've had to face since the start of February. Kabam used to compensate us for their errors now we are just expected to put up with their incompetentence and get on with it, at least is the way it seems.
  • Gladiator09Gladiator09 Posts: 287 ★★
    @Synyster85 I feel bad for you bud..

    These game crashes are now normal these days
  • bloodyCainbloodyCain Posts: 910 ★★★
    @Kabam Miike Those that were about to fight in AQ will have their HP cut to half. How is that fair? This is not even in the scheduled maintenance. Come on, man
  • same thing happened to me. Was finishing up Act 5.4.5 debuff immune path and had to use over 1,000 units just cause the lag would throw me off, drop blocks and eventually kick me out my fight. it’s disappointing and frustrating since this is one of my favorite games. I play to have fun not to get screwed by things that aren’t my fault.
  • This connections issues are sickening me already wassup with this lags n connections issues 😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • MajinbarnMajinbarn Posts: 36
    I only started playing 3 days ago so this is the first connection issue I’ve run into... how long does it normally take them to sort it out?
  • I am sooooo tired of the game crashing and lagging all the time.. with the money kabam gets you would think they would fix the servers... I played 15 teams in arena in 2 hours... I can't get into the fight without some sort of problem, it takes for hours to play the game.. why would i spend money on this game if i can't enjoy it. #FIXTHEGAME
  • @Kabam Miike MADHAARCHOD
  • Brutus2099Brutus2099 Posts: 52
    Getting old now
  • Minkl3Minkl3 Posts: 129
    I'm pretty sure the youtubers dont face these issues :D
  • Minkl3Minkl3 Posts: 129
    @Kabam Miike Champions have stopped blocking and moving automatically. One issue after another!!! Just Wowwww.
  • Be grateful that issue for have only started today ... I haven't been able to connect properly for 12 data now! @Kabam Miike is this all related to the issues after 17.0.2 and trying to fix. There is a thread dealing with that issue if those on this one wish to check it out.
  • BigMoBigMo Posts: 175
    My Ghost Rider is not amused with the connection issues.exh09a3y3cy1.png
  • Minkl3Minkl3 Posts: 129
    Been going through these issues on n off since the past couple of months.
  • DeeeezDeeeez Posts: 22
    Yes, the game is a mess at the moment. Wait......it's been many moments now. There will be no response nor compensation, so it's up to each of us individually to make a point of not paying for anything moving forward until the multiple bugs/issues are addressed and fixed.
  • Hi all!

    There was a disruption in service last night, causing lag and disconnections. An emergency maintenance has since been completed to deal with this issue.

    If you are still having any connection issues since the 17.0.2 update, please post your information in our existing topic on the subject here. This is where we are tracking discussion on the forum about the issue and will keep it updated as we can.

    Thanks for your patience everyone as we work through these issues!
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