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Connection issues 2/14/2018

C'mon kabam. Bright and early this morning already the dreaded please check your connection message popping up to the point the game is currently unplayable. Check YOUR connection and get this fixed for us will ya? Jeez, always trying to blame us for y'all's shortcomings.


  • ahhhhh the servers are down and acting up again causing deaths in uncollected difficulty and arena. thanks kabam for making me waste potions, revives and units. 😑😑😑
  • bloodyCainbloodyCain Posts: 910 ★★★
    Here are some pics with time to show what's happening with the game right now. @Kabam Miike please have a look at the game




  • TKalTKal Posts: 534 ★★
    This the worst part every time it ask to check our connection, but the problem is always on Kabam side
  • AnujkewlAnujkewl Posts: 24 ★
    Why are we facing connection problems again and again, kabam should really do something about it, for starters some rewards should be good but dats really unfair
  • SrkianSrkian Posts: 5 ★
    Suddenly my game went down due to server maintenance.
  • SpinoSpino Posts: 241 ★
    It's nice to see how it is NOT Kabam who issues the emergency maintenance warning...
  • Rogue42Rogue42 Posts: 1,006 ★★★
    Really?, no problems here.
  • mhspwboqo7pm.png
  • JayTzLJayTzL Posts: 8 ★
    Some bs again. So much for arena! We got kabamed! It wasn’t like this when netmarble didn’t own it.
  • The game is not working properly and there are some serious bugs to fix.The Network error doesn't get fixed I tried using various networks but it still doesn't work Kabam do something and fix it.
  • Rogue42Rogue42 Posts: 1,006 ★★★
    Yes, we’ll add this new thread to the rest of them.
  • As the game was running fine for few days.. the Devs are now introducing some new lags and bugs to enlighten our gaming experience. Also do expect some **** offers after the maintenance to add to our delight
  • GyanemdjerGyanemdjer Posts: 80 ★
    The servers are very bad like i lost soo much health on my gr in aq n aw had to use potions in trail of infinite which was easy. Anyone else facing these issues
  • Yeah yesterday Kabam called a unknown mantnice I forgot how to spell it but anyways my friend bibi one has already complained
  • RCunhaRCunha Posts: 375 ★★
    It keeps freezing on this screen with me, and also having connection issues that made lose battles. One battle on M. B. JORDAN against BPCW on the last act i left him with only 13% on one fight. My phone gained wings after that..
  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,419 ★★★★
    today the connection error is popping up once awhile, luckily I wasn't seriously impacted
  • Lawdawg1541Lawdawg1541 Posts: 37 ★
    Very frustrating when I have a good run in arenas and I cannot get connected b/c YOUR network is having MAJOR ISSUES. Compensation should be offered up. Many players are losing time and spending money on correcting what YOUR network issues YOU are ignoring. Horrible way to treat your customers, at least acknowledge there is an issue and work to a solution. Kabam your silence is deafening.
  • Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,936 ★★★
    Hi all!

    There was a disruption in service last night, causing lag and disconnections. An emergency maintenance has since been completed to deal with this issue.
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