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Looking for merger

Cut down my alliance to 20 with average rating of over 300k. Looking for 10 or more to join us.

Contact me for details and questions
Game id slayer-_-7
Line slayer-7


  • Still looking
  • We are looking for 7-8 ASAP. Look us up. Ally tag is -UJL-
  • Still looking, would want people to come to us but have been talking about possibly we would merge to someone else, however we would bring 15 and both us and you would have even officers as it is a 'merge' notna bunch of people joining another groups alliance.

    Contact me if interested and we can talk more
  • Crilla420Crilla420 Posts: 96
    What’s your ign or line name?
  • Ign slayer-_-7
    Line slayer-7
    It's on the top comment /post ;)

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