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Looking for new alliance

Hi I’m from the east coast and I’m very active, usually never go more than 12 hours without at least logging in to fight in AW or AQ. Weekly SA is usually around 10-15k. Player rating is at 81,000 and rising fast.
Currently top 5 is duped 4/40 iceman, duped DareDevil Original 4/40, Blade 4/40, Gwenpool 4/40, And Luke Cage 2/35/Archangel 4/40/ Gambit 4/40. Working on getting enough for another 4/40 and had some bad luck with 5* pulls and don’t want to waste resources for a **** rank 2 five star...
Honestly just looking for an alliance where I can get 5* shards consistently and not have to worry about inactuves during war or quest. Also willing to get any communication app


  • Hit me up on line : ljain1
  • Oh also just a heads up first week of March is spring break for my university and I’m going to a music festival with some friends. Don’t know if I’ll have service or a charger to play the game so might be inactive that week

  • Darthmalice66Darthmalice66 Posts: 128
    Hello give me a shout
  • Darthmalice66Darthmalice66 Posts: 128
    Good luck on that with your rating.
  • Hey hit me up if your interested, very active alliance, looking to recruit new members, we use line app to go through strategies and have separate BG’s to ensure our teams are balanced
  • @Darthmalice66 thanks, hoping for the best
  • Vwp1962Vwp1962 Posts: 39
    Vwp1962 in game 5 million alliance hmu
  • TacoDougTacoDoug Posts: 138
    Check us out. Message BAYDAPRIME on line
  • We realize life comes first game second no donation requirements and no strict requirements either we have line but optional. Grow with us sent invite. 311dad in game name
  • Got a good alliance going. Hit me up in game.
    5+ mil alliance looking for champs.
  • PhilBilly42PhilBilly42 Posts: 62
    In game Name? Ive got a great team that is war focused and runs 2 map 5s a week to keep us in the t4cc's. Add me in game or on LINE: philbilly42
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