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Looking for AW focused alliance. 6808 prestige


Message in game or line app id: AustinDaKid


  • Are you looking for a specific tier in AW and do you have a preference for AQ? We run map 3x5 and we are more AW focused. Gold 3 atm. We are down 6 members and looking for decent good recruits. Ally tag is -UJL-
  • MicklownickMicklownick Posts: 315 ★★
    added you in game, we are AW focused, Gold Tier 1, 5x5
  • esadwfi3xvpa.jpg

    Hit me up on line my id is: shadykarikta, we are a very organised alliance gold teir 2 moving to gold 1, 105mill scored in AQ
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