Cycle of champs in feature crystals

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I would like to know how long it will be between times that a champ is in the featured pool. Since that is really the closest chance I'm gonna get to duping my 8 5s I would like to know how many times a certain champ will appear in a crystal (who is not the featured). I have 2 of the champs in the current feature and if I miss getting a couple of three before they are gone I would like to know when those two champs might show up in a crystal again. Regular 5 star crystals are worthless unless you just want any new random champ, cause hell will freeze over or I will win the Powerball before one dupes now. I am sure there are or will be some opportunities to buy awakening crystals (that will spit out anything but the exact one you want) but frankly is just sucks what kabams has done with the fives.


  • RapRap Posts: 2,933 ★★★★
    Again those who were in the pool when it was shallow and who are in the top tier now because of it hold onto every advantage. They are only the ones who can spit out 15k without blinking and will probably manage to keep duping their champs...
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    There won't be any more featured 5*. Blade was the last. There are only the 15k crystal with the smaller pool and the 10k crystal with everyone. New champs will be added to the basic at same time as they are added to 4* crystal.
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    The crystal cycles every 3 months and the champions will be chosen by kabam so we have no way of knowing who we be in the next crystal.

    I understand your concerns about duping champions, but it is just random and luck regardless of crystals.

    Regarding the old featured crystals though, I ended up on 0/15 so it just proves that these are random and nothing is guaranteed so just stick with it and you will soon dupe a decent champion.
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    It is luck bit the odds have never been as against it as they are now.
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