5* Mystic - R4 Dorm or R3 Morningstar?

ReDeXeDeRReDeXeDeR Posts: 48
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I have duped 5* Dorm at R3 and unduped 5* Morningstar at R2.
I can R4 one champ. I already have unduped stark spidey at R4.

Question is do I R4 Dorm or hold on to those T2s (I have almost 6 of those)? Is Dorm worth it?
I have 5* Dr Voodoo as well but I don't think I am going to dupe it anytime soon.


5* Mystic - R4 Dorm or R3 Morningstar? 15 votes

R4 5* Dorm (duped)
NevvBSpity68vg2782HeroBoltsySharkPowerr99xananabananaElitehunterBahamutTheHoodedDormammuDrpancakesBatpotter1 11 votes
R3 5* Morningstar (unduped)
Vision_41AshburnThecrusher_9756gauravtheslayer 4 votes


  • DrpancakesDrpancakes Posts: 102
    R4 5* Dorm (duped)
    dont have morningstar, but heard she's great for questing i think, but I have dorm, so I think he's great. more consistent power drain that opponent cant even have a bar of power if played correctly. Little low on the damage side but soul bombs are really bombs
  • Batpotter1Batpotter1 Posts: 348
    R4 5* Dorm (duped)
    Dormmammu is good too use and as he is duped you should just stick with him
  • ReDeXeDeRReDeXeDeR Posts: 48
    I use Dorm mostly for war defence. Always get kills. I'm getting a hang of his mechanics as well esp power control. Great champ indeed. I will be able to R3 morningstar eventually later (may take some time) but just want to know if Dorm is worthy of R4.
  • Vision_41Vision_41 Posts: 721
    R3 5* Morningstar (unduped)
    I would R3 Morningstar just to have a strong team, but both are great rank up options!
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