Issues after the new update

BabysinBabysin Posts: 7
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Anyone having blocking issues after the new update? I'm having issues where I'm still being hit even tho I'm blocking an attack. Also parry seems to not be working either, is this just me or is anyone else having problems?


  • Narenn86Narenn86 Posts: 1
    Ditto, Kabam has made the game worst after the new update
  • Noob_for_LifeNoob_for_Life Posts: 20
    Same here I try to block or evade back but my champion Just stands there with his hands down getting smacked in the face a few times Causing me to lose my champion
  • HeyheyheyHeyheyhey Posts: 84
    Same here ... broken blocks issue is more common now after the update .. tired of this ..

    Game is dying
  • BabysinBabysin Posts: 7
    It seems to be a lot of people are having this very same issue.
  • BabysinBabysin Posts: 7
    I went into the Alliance War today and was totally rekt but heros that I usually never lose to and I had the class advantage as well. My 5* iceman was rekt by a 4* iceman and that shouldn't of even happen but I couldn't block his attacks and he has a continuous sp1 and I was pinned against the wall unable to do anything and I was defeated. It seems like the AI'S you now fight have more agility and insta blocking capabilities which real Player don't have.
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