OML doesn't get Recovery Node boost

MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 3,449 ★★★★★
Fighting against OML in MODOK Hard quest; and noted he had a +100% health recovery/regeneration node. I checked his basic regeneration at 20/tick and thought "okay, 40/tick shouldn't be a problem".

As it was, OML only healed at 20/tick throughout the fight. No boost from the node at all. I thought it might be helpful to know about, to ensure that this isn't true on nodes in AW/AQ or future challenges...

Using MotoG5+, latest Android.


  • BigDudeBigDude Posts: 82
    Also of note, Magik does get huge boost on the mini boss rocovery node, even when AA has neuro toxin on which should block all regen. So that is broken as well.
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