Input lag instabilties

Hi there,
I played for nearly 3 years to the game and the gameplay changed a lot along that time.
On last updates the input lag is becoming higher and higher.
Years ago with played at 60 fps with minimal lag (~20 ms) but nowadays sometimes it is more than 200 ms which is a pain for the gameplay.
Block/parry/dodge miss is fatal at high difficulty level, I cannot even do the MODOK expert, act 5 or AW today for example because of that.
All the more so I don't really understand why the gameplay depends so much of the Qos, as far as we are fighting against bots.
There is input prediction but it just hides the problem and it's not a really good solution.
Is there a plan to solve these?


  • New update, new lags since one week plus some transient network loses -> unplayable
  • StrStr Posts: 410
    I must say that up until recently lag had been improving but at the moment lag is back to costing matches and health potions. It started for me before a few days before update and has gotten worse. I have delayed joining aw because i knew i couldnt play safely with lag like that.
  • pinging google dns 10 times/s is really stable, so it's not on my side:

    --- ping statistics ---
    500 packets transmitted, 500 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
    round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 2.849/3.463/5.256/0.252 ms
  • I stopped AW because of that, on sunday I spent 15 items...
    I will wait until it is solved, last night server update had 0 effect.
  • look at that:
    how can you play with such framerate?
  • HeyheyheyHeyheyhey Posts: 84
    The lag issue is very frustrating and I’m having this issue since November and what I’ve noticed is ..
    whenever the fight is going smooth just suddenly there’s a lag in the middle of the fight and AI behaviour changes right at that moment (more aggressive , dash back , evade etc ) it conspiracy but I’ve seen this happening far too often
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