Game down

Is the game going to be up and running any time soon?! I haven’t been able to log on for the last 2 hours...should have seen it coming. I’ve been consistently kicked out multiple times during the day since the last update.


  • HarvesterSorr0wHarvesterSorr0w Posts: 112
    What's going on with this? Last night around 11pm eastern, I lost my ability to get into the game. Others in my alliance seem fine. Seems I'm not the only one affected here, but its certainly not the entire population. I tried over wifi and over LTE. Rebooted the game, rebooted the phone, reinstalled. Nothing works. I'm on iPhone 7s. It just grinds away on the login screen with bishop and sabertooth. After a long while, it just tells me there is a problem and to try again later. 9 hours now almost. Can somebody from Kabam comment?
  • Kow88Kow88 Posts: 1
    I’m having the same issue I have AT&T but game won’t load on my iPhone 8 not sure if a carrier issue or what. Tried over WiFi and LTE can’t get on either way and other apps are working fine.
  • Mrmerc86Mrmerc86 Posts: 2
    Yes me too.. For a couple of days now I can not login to the Contest of Champs... Not sure what the problem is.. My phone, my internet and everything is good.. Why has Kabam not responded to this.
  • Dr_BrownDr_Brown Posts: 217
    i'd just like you guys know i am not having any problems and im on android and i think i saw something about AT&T users having issues
  • IceBobbyIceBobby Posts: 71
    I was having issues yesterday with logging in on an iPhone. I redownloaded the app and it has been working fine since then.
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