Doc ock awaken worthy?

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I have a tech gem and I was wondering if doc ock awaken worty is? And if the damage increase he gets by stacking the breakthrough stays if you awaken him

Doc ock awaken worthy? 23 votes

Yes and yes
Sac123_nameplasTrojanX05Scarlett_Aomine_Daiki10 5 votes
Yes and no
NikkovinniegainzEmmanuelcoastUndead_DhampirSJKris106Cowabungafrhn081303 7 votes
No and yes
UC439ZzzXFA_RebootedTheRealmKeeper 4 votes
No and no
KromestoneSpiritOfVengeanceSud7xananabananaBlaargoNext2HellThunder5715 7 votes


  • vinniegainzvinniegainz Posts: 895 ★★★
    Yes and no
    You need the electro synergy from what I understand b/c the breakthroughs will only reset to 60 vs 0
  • BlaargoBlaargo Posts: 246
    No and no
    He is better unawakened IMO
  • No and no
    Nah, awakening him is a waste of an awakening gem
  • Thunder5715Thunder5715 Posts: 98
    No and no
    Weather or not he is better duped or unduped might be debatable, I personally like him unduped some might like him duped.
    But the more important point here is he doesn't need to be duped to be good.
    He is good unduped he will remain good after dupe.
    Use the awakening gem on someone who needs it more. Eg. Starlord
  • Scarlett_Scarlett_ Posts: 273
    Yes and yes
    Blaargo wrote: »
    He is better unawakened IMO

    Why do people say he is better unawakened?

    He really isn't and anyone that says so is severely misinformed.

    Not only do you start the fight with every category already at 60, but you also gain these effects:

    Increased power gain
    Healing when healblocking a healing opponent
    Increased armour penetration

    I cannot believe people still believe that rumour that he is better unduped but here I will enlighten you why people believed so (instead of just ignorantly believing a rumour you should research youself):

    Basically the way the power lock when duped functions is ===> the opponent gains power, which 100% is immediately removed, and XX% depending on sig level is stolen and you gain that %. The way this mechanic functions allows for trouble when locking opponents at bars of power, who gains abilities at bars of power (magik, cable)

    Better explained in practical example: IF you lock magik near 1 bar of power, you will be constantly making her gain power past 1 bar, then she loses it back down to below 1bar. This CAN cause infinite limbo triggers and be hectic.

    So basically to avoid this, just pay attention to the power meter and in return you get increased power gain (siphon power), a heal siphon, and increased damage output, along with faster breakthroughs at the start of the fight. Seems like a pretty awesome trade off doing something you should be doing (watching opponent's power) for some awesome abilities.

    100% WORTH a tech gem.

    Lol penetration !
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