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Who may he the Best option for debuff immune path in updated AQ

SegalionSegalion Posts: 43
edited March 2018 in Strategy and Tips

I was wondering Who might be Best replacments to wulverine / x23 / rouge in debuff immune path on AQ.
Although one can argue that since it was A debuff immune path, sentinal replacing simbiod should not Make inherit different however the fact that analysis charges reduce crit will Make thier damage even lower than normal which might Come into affect on Day 4/5.
All of the option in the prolly have some kind of healing so Make them More sustainable.

Who may he the Best option for debuff immune path in updated AQ 3 votes

Dr. Strange
0% 0 votes
0% 0 votes
0% 0 votes
Doc Ock
0% 0 votes
33% 1 vote
66% 2 votes


  • Vince1976Vince1976 Posts: 44
    well wouldnt the sentinal be a skill class? so i would think iceman would be a good choice
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