iPhone 6S poor performance, input lag and LOW fps

ChovnerChovner Posts: 694 ★★★★
I'm currently gearing up for my 1st LOL run and farming potions and revives to help me through it, but even facing ROL Winter Soldier I see a big decline in input lag, and very low FPS (frames per second). It gets worse the longer the fight goes, and in this current state I know I won't be able to complete any path on LOL with the game running this terribly.

The video below is a little long, but it shows the current download speed my router is giving me at 92.8 Mbps which should be plenty fast enough, I have a good connection and my battery is at 70%. I switch over to my storage setting and I have plenty of free space at 20.4 Gb so there is no issue with my phone performance.

When I switch over to the game you see how many times I have to tap to get Star Lord to hit a 5 hit combo, and you see the input lag between when I tap the screen or swipe forward/back and when SL actually moves. Imagine trying to get through any LOL fight with a perfect run with the game running like this. As the fight goes on, it looks and feels like the game just drops frame rate considerably, and during a long LOL fight this gets even worse.

What is being done to get the game running in any sort of acceptable way? If I were to run LOL right now I'd burn through all my resources and units halfway through a path when I know that I should be able to finish it with what I've prepared so with units, revives and potions.

iPhone 6S 32 Gb
20.41 Gb available
iOS version 11.2.6
Currently sitting within 3 feet of my router for best performance and high speed 5g internet



  • KennadoKennado Posts: 900 ★★★
    This is currently the biggest concern in the game. Everything else is secondary. I can accept losing on my own accord but when the game slows down to one frame per second and I lose a fight, I cant accept it.
  • ChovnerChovner Posts: 694 ★★★★
    Any input from the game team on this?
  • MarzGrooveMarzGroove Posts: 903 ★★★
    Same phone here with no performance issues. Replacing the battery may help. I replaced mine and only noticed better battery life.
  • ChovnerChovner Posts: 694 ★★★★
    This iphone 6s is about 1 month old. I just faced off against RULK and by hit 150 SL was not responding reliably and moving forward on his own... I hate this **** so much, I don't think I'm even going to bother doing this **** anymore, what's the point? I'm going to get to Magik and I'll be running at 1fps by that time.... Brutal... I'm just going to go play Injustice, that runs with no issues.
  • SouthfenceSouthfence Posts: 39
    Since the recent patch I have noticed a huge decrease in preformance and load times. After around 5-6 arena series the load times will have dropped to a crawl and the preformance is terrible. Force closing the app and restarting will fix it for a bit but at this point I just close the app and do something else. I have iphone6s it is a couple of years old but pre patch the preformance was fine.
  • V1oladorV1olador Posts: 10
    After this last update i've notice long loadings and a lot of lags on my iphone 6, terrible.
  • Same issues here using IPhone 6.
    Kabam please help!!!!
  • Obie889Obie889 Posts: 6
    Same issues on iPad Air!
  • Same here on Iphone 6plus-
  • Bump. Looking for a moderators response.
    This is killing me....literally! My champs are dying due to the lag!
  • V1oladorV1olador Posts: 10
    Im in ultron 5.6 having a lot of trouble due the lag, in the beginning of the fight the game almost stop.
  • Recently went to APple and wrote this review afterwards-

    this is about Apple products and how they seemingly have zero clue or control over how their product is being used or how they allow others (companies) to create apps that will no longer function properly on their devices. I own an Iphone 6Plus and love to play a game called Marvel Contest of Champions- I have been playing this game since it game out some 3 pus years ago. I have used a few different iphones and now for about 6months I have only had problems trying to play this particular game. I have had the very well documented 6 plus screen issue- Apple replaced the device I have now been having serious lag issues-only to be told that the device I currently "own" can simply not perform at a level in step with the demands of the game... this is total craziness and makes no sense- except that Apple is allowing such demands to be placed on their devices so people would have to upgrade to a newer model. It is a sad thing to say the very least and the those at the store seemed to be indifferent to such a thought- maybe they all have new devices and such a burdensome thought of paying upwards of 1,000$ doesnt have to cross their minds- but someone needs to do something about this- or truly this will be the last apple product I buy.. and I have many apple products- so this is not my desire- but will be if things dont change. Also for the record the apple 6 plus I have is a brand new unit.
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