LF active and reliable members for 5x5 and t3 war ally

Hey All The Dark Army United (D A U) here,

About Us: We are an established alliance with organization. Our current rankings are the following; AW Tier 3 (Gold 1) and AQ Expert tier. We run map5 all 5 days with 3 bgs and complete 100%.

Run Down:
AQ - We Run 3 Bgs Map 5 (occasionally map6 2Bgs)
AW - We Run 2 BGs. Gold 1 in season
Events - Item Use and Completion - We always get the 250 4* shards
SA - we hit every week
Duels - Mandatory
Donations - 135,000 gold. 30,000 BC.
Loyalty donations mainly from war members

Who we are looking for - Players who can handle their own path in Map5. Players requesting to join should have at-least a few 5/50 or 3/45 champs with 16 fighters 4* rank 4 or higher so they can participate in war while joining AQ. If you have 4* rank 5 it will be good but if not we aren't worried because we know they will come as the majority of our guys have them.You need to have CHQ app for communication with the alliance.

To Join request in game D A U, message an officer or on line message line ID or CHQ: unsungspurs

Note: D A U (spaces between the letters which are required for searching the alliance)

Thanks for looking!


  • UnsungUnsung Posts: 42
    Still looking for a member for season2 wars. Please read information in main thread.
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