The New Avengers [TNAV] 9 M Expert/Gold seeks Summoner looking for good work-family-game balance

Show up every couple hours • Complete your path up to the mini-boss • No further spending required • No min score in events • Line app • Donate by Friday • Have fun!

We are organized and will go for Gold 1 next Season. Map 5 100% every time.


  • iGrboiGrbo Posts: 46
    Line: igrbo
  • OmdhuleOmdhule Posts: 37
    In game name omdhule123. Am I eligible?
  • venomK9XvenomK9X Posts: 1
    In-game name: Vengance12345
    LINE ID: Venge12345
  • iGrboiGrbo Posts: 46
    Not enough ranked champs for this level omdhule123, but in the near future.
  • fftusisfftusis Posts: 49
    Am i eligible in game name Fftusis
  • iGrboiGrbo Posts: 46
    Ftftusis, you need more 5/50 champs. You won’t survive our enemies at the moment.
  • TeepsTeeps Posts: 6
    Hey my friend and I are looking to join a new alliance.

    IGN: ArousedMilkman (mine)
  • iGrboiGrbo Posts: 46
    Thank you for your interest, but in order to survive our game level you must have at least 6 maxed 4-stars (5/50).
  • iGrboiGrbo Posts: 46
    We are now in Tier 9 AW. Need 2 because of members retiring
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