Two Summoners needed for active alliance competing in AW Gold 1

This is I-O-M Manx Immortals – We are an active alliance looking to push in AW and AQ.
We are looking for two skilled players to join us at the end of this AW season. Around the 6th April.

We need players that can handle 5x Map 5 in AQ and 3 x AW’s a week. Ideally, we are after summoners that can clear their lane in AW and take down the mini-boss. In addition, the summoners prestige should be >5500.

A lot of our players are UK based and this means that most of the activity is based on GMT. We do have members from other parts of global, however, joining summoners will need to make timely moves in order to avoid frustrating delays.

We use LINE app for communication and this is pretty much mandatory to join this alliance.

The requirements are pretty standard. Duels, Completion and Item Use have minimums. We don’t have minimums on AC or PS. SA we don’t have minimums, but we regularly place 6-20%.

Donations are required to cover the cost of Map 5, The rewards from this game mode generally cover this.

In order for you to be considered, you will need a decent roster. You should be able to place decent defenders and compete in AQ & AW with no problems. This means you will need a stack of 4* 5/50’s and 2-3, 5*, 4/55 as a minimum.
We are a friendly bunch and we have a large active community that is made up of 4 alliances. Many of our members have been here for a few years.
If you are looking for an alliance that is pushing in AQ and AW, and you’re up for a laugh then this may be the place for you.
If you are interested please contact us in-game or on LINE app
hesse911 or Mjolnir1979 or Pip1979 or OllieB3 or jamesnptonuk
LINE app: is the same


  • GreenstrokeGreenstroke Posts: 291

    Prestiqe is 5477, good enough?
  • hesse911hesse911 Posts: 26
    hi greenstroke, can you tap me up on line app and we can chat, cheers
  • hesse911hesse911 Posts: 26
    still looking for one summoner, add me in game name hesse911
  • hesse911hesse911 Posts: 26
    Still looking for one more summoner to join after AW season rewards come in. message hesse911 on line app if your interested
  • fftusisfftusis Posts: 49
    pretty sure ur ally is full
  • JamesnptonukJamesnptonuk Posts: 108
    @fftusis Our ally is full at the moment but we are looking to replace people who are taking a break after aw season rewards drop
  • hesse911hesse911 Posts: 26
    Hi summoners, we have a space opening up if anybody is interested, tap me up
    "hesse911" ingame or LINE
    "jamesnptonuk" ingame or LINE
  • hesse911hesse911 Posts: 26
    hey guys we are looking for a summonercto join at the end of aq. 15th april. if your interested message me on LINE app
  • hesse911hesse911 Posts: 26
    Hey folks we are looking for a summoner to join before war placements tonight (2-may-18) add me on line app or IG
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