Searching for a new Alliance

Active player, don't participate in arenas much, but a good reliable player.


  • DangerNoodleDangerNoodle Posts: 235
    @Abhichuelas yo man.
    Do you have Line? I'm in a 6.2 mil alliance that's recruiting. Hit me up at
    To talk 😁
  • DCG921DCG921 Posts: 54
    Hi , we are looking for Teammates for our Alliance. We run map 2 for now and 100% each time we run it which is back to back. WAR and for just starting out with experienced players our rating is pretty good because we win. We are really big on teamwork, communication and ambition. There's no drama no kicking you out if we don't win, just be active and participate . There's only building up towards a goal. My Line my id is: tag: DCG921
  • MaylieqprMaylieqpr Posts: 37
    Maylieqpr on Line - AQ map 3 and hit full Alliance Events
  • my line is abhichuelas, feel free to ping me, send me your alliance details and i'll have a look, thanks for responding guys
  • JBW1313JBW1313 Posts: 25
    I think we would be a good fit for you at "Intergalactic alliance". We run 55522, trust me you could handle it, we got plenty of guys with your same prestige. I'm jbw1313 in mcoc as well as line app. Hit me up for more details
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