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Who should i rank up?

I have the resources to do one of these three at the moment but others should be far behind, potentials are:

4* undupped Ms. Marvel (Currently Rank 2)
4* undupped Winter Soilder (Currently Rank 2)
4* undupped Iron Fist (Currently Rank 2)

My heroes at the moment are:

4* undupped Star lord (Rank 3)
4* undupped YellowJacket (Rank 3)
4* undupped Nightcrawler (Rank 3)

I'm not sure who to rank up first?! help!


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    BuckeyeKPBuckeyeKP Posts: 693
    Not really feeling any of the unduped, but MM gives you poison immunity.
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    unfortunately none of my 4* are duped so i don't have much choice
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    Yeah not too many great options, but like the above poster said I’d probably go with Ms. Marvel also. She has poison immunity so if you ever run that path in AQ she could be useful and if you keep her power bar full power she should hit harder than the rest of the champs you’ve named.
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    Mitchell35Mitchell35 Posts: 1,897 ★★★★
    Yeah mm or iron fist for just damage.
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    TheRealmKeeperTheRealmKeeper Posts: 213
    Assuming you’re speaking of Carol Danvers and not Kamala Khan.. She’s your best choice. Poison immune, hits hard and L1 ignores armor. Winter Soldier most likely your best if it is Kamala though.
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    Cheers! to confirm its Danvers (luckily!) I do aslo have 4* Magneto (both) & colossus but i didn't even bother mentioning them. My last few pulls have been very disappointing!
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    TurbulentUrFaceTurbulentUrFace Posts: 311
    Nightcrawler for sure. He's actually better unduped for the most part so he's a pretty good option.
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