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Seeking Replacements at AW Season End

{UXvgr} Uncanny X-vengers

- We run 5x5 with starting prestige at 5,057 - AQ expert tier consistently around 1K rank
- We run back to back wars Wed-Sun
- Currently Gold 1 rank 856 AW
- Challenger bracket Tier 4 AW
- Would ask that you be very close to our starting prestige or have the ability to get there within 1 rankup
- Also would ask that you have your AWD already set with a min of 3/45 & 5/50's - 2 BG's are US based and 1 BG is international. All TZ's welcome and will have openings for both. - Next season we push to Plat 3. Come along for the journey!

Season ends on April 3rd


Message me on discord for an invite to our server- Kubcool#1592

Come see what discord is all about and say goodbye to Line :)


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    KuBcOoLKuBcOoL Posts: 45
    Now Gold 1 Rank 771 AW
    Seeking 5 replacements
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    KuBcOoLKuBcOoL Posts: 45
    Finished the season at Gold 1 Rank 813.

    AQ prestige now 5,180

    Now looking for 4 replacements.
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