5k prestige and FUN player seeks new home

Hey guys. So my alliance is disbanding and so I’m looking for a well organized, communicative, strategic alliance who is active BUT understands that people are people. Roster is no problem, can run AW and AW and personal at the same time. I’m not liking to spend a ton of gold every week but can obviously make necessary contributions as needed. Ideally Gold 1 or 2 (with its eye on 1!) in first season.

Line or Telegram: xNajx

Just looking for some killer and fun players to hang with. Let’s chat!


  • xNajxxNajx Posts: 18
  • xNajxxNajx Posts: 18
  • xNajxxNajx Posts: 18
  • xNajxxNajx Posts: 18
    Line of Telegram: xNajx
  • Steve76sSteve76s Posts: 23
    Gold 1 pushing to plat next season. Add me if interested line id dreadgrimm
  • Hey man, couldn’t find you on line. We’re running 5x5 gold 2 with the eyes on gold 1 next season. A chilled group of players with no drama just enjoying the game and all looking to progress. I added you in game or you can add me on line at chaseandtails
  • BCdiscmanBCdiscman Posts: 348
    We are 5x5 12 mil alliance gold 1 in AW. find me on Line or IGN: BCdiscman is interested.
  • dfresh81dfresh81 Posts: 49
    We got what you need hit me if interested 9n game or line dfresh81
  • AnakinScilukAnakinSciluk Posts: 46
    We are an 11.4 million alliance. AQ map 5x5 in expert tier. Finished AW in gold 1 looking to at least stay there next season. We do use Facebook messenger for communication, I use LINE for recruiting. Find me in LINE @AnakinSciluk or in game at the same name but put a space Anakin Sciluk.
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